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International Business Development
and New Inroads into Japan/Asia

By making full use of the practical experience in international trade, international marketing and new business development as well as the management of overseas subsidiaries, Hirari Global Agency provides all the possible services pertaining to new business inroads into Japanese and/or Asian markets.

We support proper and healthy expansion and operation of your overseas business matching with the policy of management and the scale of business.

Summary of Services

1. New overseas inroads for export and import
2. Review and improvement of existing international trade
3. Overseas business expansion by direct investment
4. Improvement and reformation of existing overseas operation
5. Withdrawal from existing overseas operation
Business Consulting
Market Research
Market Development
and Sales Agency
Support of Direct Inroads into Japan/Asia
Pratical Work
of Trade
Translation and

* Please refer to the service contents and business flow in the attached PDF file

Solutions for Overseas Expansion

Pre-verification for New Overseas Expansion

Effective use of management assets – Setting up budget
Effective use of human resources – Building organization (professional division)
Verification of products force – Analyzing technology and brand strength
Verification of marketability – Conducting market research and SWOT analysis

Review of Existing Business(Export and Import)

Review of basic strategy – Rebuilding business plan to increase sales and profits
Review of market and distribution – Rebuilding target markets and sales channels
Review of products – Rebuilding assortment and developing new products
Review of personnel – Rebuilding organization
 (Reinforcing human resources and strengthening organization)

Review of Overseas Bases (Local Management)

Review of basic strategy – Rebuilding business plans and determining direction
 Continuation or withdrawal (closedown, liquidation, sale)
 Enlargement or downsizing (M&A, outsourcing)
Improvement of management – Rebuilding people, goods, money and information 

Corporate Governance and Compliance

Improvement of Finance

Propelling business in consideration of consolidated accounting and contributing to the group management
Regularly reviewing and reconstructing the organization and operation

Proper Use and Control of Intellectual Property Rights

Patent, Utility model right
Trademark, Copyright, Design right

Product Certification and Quality Assurance

Acquisition of product safety standard certification in each country/region based on IEC standard
Product standards and quality assurance based on ISO standard

International Legal Affairs and Tax System

Contract and agreement, International litigation
Transfer pricing taxation (taxation to be noted in particular)

Risk Management

Business risk:
Risks related to corporate management; such as lack of feasibility study, issues of personnel affairs and working conditions, problems with joint venture partners and so forth.
Country risk:
Risks which cannot be controlled or solved by individual overseas companies; such as terrorism, revolution, war, civil strife, crime, disease, fluctuation of exchange rate, suspension of remittances and so forth.

Notes for Overseas Expansion

Clarification of Business Model for Overseas Expansion

The enormous amount is required for foreign investment. The fund is immobilized and the risk of management will be increased. First, it is necessary to verify whether there is really necessity of such overseas expansion and whether it will lead sufficient benefits to the company. On that basis, it is also important to consider the business model such as possible outsourcing of manufacture or OEM supply, instead of any direct investment. Especially at the company without sufficient experience of overseas expansion, it is desirable to proceed with the business carefully step by step. In addition, you may have an option of joint ventures with a local company due to various regulations. At that time, it is important to choose a partner, so as to have Win-Win relationship.

Responding to Country Risk

In addition to economic aspects, it is also important to consider the political stability of the country to make inroads. If there is not much difference in the economic evaluation, it is desirable to be investing in countries with lower country risk. Also, you should consider reducing the investment risk by dispersing the investment if you have multiple candidates.

Execution of Thorough Feasibility Study

To reduce the risk of overseas expansion, it is important to conduct a detailed feasibility study. Companies expanding to foreign countries must predict the future prospects and expected earnings of investment and then, judge such overseas investment. By utilizing methods of Payback Period, Present Net Value, Internal Return Rate and so forth, let’s have the decision making for overseas investment.